Front matter

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layout: page
title: Main page title, heading level one
date: 2023-08-04
modified: 2023-08-04
thumbnail: /assets/img/test.jpg
thumbnailDescription: An alt text description for the thumbnail image
tags: 'page-demo'
draft: true
eleventyExcludeFromCollections: true
  title: Custom title (defaults to title)
  description: SEO description
  slug: mmm-slugs
  changeFrequency: daily
  sitemapPriority: '1.0'
  excludeFromSitemap: true
  noIndex: true
  • layoutPage layout for the page. Default is post for posts and page for pages.
  • title — The title of the current page.
  • datePublished date. You can set special values here like Last Modified.
  • modifed — Modified date.
  • thumbnail — Relative path to thumbnail / opengraph image. Size 1200px x 630px.
  • thumbnailDescription — Alt text for thumbnail.
  • tagsTags are currently used for custom body classes.
  • draft — Draft pages will appear locally and on staging but not in production.
  • eleventyExcludeFromCollectionsHide from 11ty collections.
  • seo.title — Set custom page title for search engines and opengraph.
  • seo.description — Set the page description for search engines and opengraph.
  • seo.slug — Set a new slug for the page that is different from the filename.
  • seo.changeFrequencyHow often does this page change?
  • seo.sitemapPriorityThe priority of this URL relative to other URLs on your site.
  • seo.excludeFromSitemap — Hide this page from your sitemap.xml.
  • seo.noIndex — Discourage search engine indexing.

Nearly all front matter is optional, except for titles (and dates for posts).